I dream in paper.

I am married to a super-supportive man who is also a total computer geek. When he isn't designing apps, programming websites, and being the best daddy EVER, Kyle plays MTG and bowls a mean game. Kyle can make the best chocolate chip cookies — from scratch!

In my free time {HA!} I love painting rooms in our house, making decor projects from Pinterest, making Isla & Reya giggle, and going for walks {only if the weather is REALLY nice}. I love animals and have lots of them. Lucy is an 80-pound lapdog golden retriever. She loves strangers. Marley is a loyal chow-chow-golden-retriever mix. Marley hates thunderstorms, rain, wind, and power tools, but loves snow! We also recently adopted the {CUTEST} little cat in the whole world, Em Dash. You can see her pretty face on our Facebook page.

We live in Austin, Texas and are soon relocating back to Indiana. We had the most adorable baby girl, Isla Christine, during the hot hot summer of 2012, and have been laughing ever since. Isla was a huge inspiration in opening my shop. She is so funny, energetic, and she really grows WAY too fast. In 2015 we welcomed our little Reya "Roo" Valentine. She is so sweet and is growing too fast! Baby #3 is on the way!

I opened my little shop because I wanted to share my shower and birth announcements that I created for my Isla. I am flattered and surprised by how much my shop has grown and the number of people that I am able to reach.

Life is about the things you create, and who you create them with. I create unique pieces that set the tone for an event or freeze a moment in time. I help spread the love! I love print. I think paper is sexy. The concept of receiving a paper goods in the mail is an intimate exchange that should be cherished. I think that print is more important than ever, not despite living in a digital world, but because we live in a digital world.

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